- Rules for Auditors




The 16th Music Festival of Santa Catarina – FEMUSC 2021 – takes place from January 11 to January 31, 2021, with the originality of being offered in an online format for its 2021 edition. This regulation refers to participation in the LISTENING PARTICIPANT.

1.1 To register for FEMUSC 2021, the candidate must access the website, in the menu FEMUSC 2021> REGISTRATION, where the candidate will have all the guidelines on how to proceed with the registration, as well as the information necessary to fill the registration and the vacancies and programs available;
1.2. Because it is carried out online, FEMUSC 2021 allows the choice and participation in several different Master Class, with each Master Class being composed of a minimum of three meetings, with schedules set out on the festival’s website. It is the participant’s responsibility to analyze the schedules and check that there will be no conflicting schedules if all their entries are selected.
1.3 Registrations for FEMUSC 2021 will begin on November 16, 2020, at 12 noon (Brasília time). For the Listener Participant modality, there is no final deadline for registration.

2.1 Registered participants will receive the festival’s contact via email, with information and procedures for payment and confirmation of registration, as follows:
– For 1 Master Class (consisting of three meetings): R$ 100.00 + fees (R$ 15.00 for PayPal)
– For 2 to 5 Master Class (each consisting of three meetings): R $ 80.00 + fees (R$ 12.00 for PayPal) for each registration
– For 6 Master Class or more: R$ 500.00 + fees (R$ 75.00 for Paypal) for the combo of all FEMUSC 2021 Master Class.

Registrations may be canceled by the participant, observing the following refund rule:
a) Cancellations up to 7 days after the payment date: 50% refund of the registration fee, excluding the refund of the total amount of the administrative fee for Paypal and cost of boleto .;
b) Cancellations or withdrawals after this period will not be entitled to the return of the registration fee.
c) FEMUSC will return the percentages of tuition fees to dropouts up to 10 working days, after the festival ends. The return will be through PayPal.

4.1 Participants must attend the classes to which they were selected, according to the schedule informed in the registration area, on the FEMUSC website.
4.2 Participants must be present at all educational and artistic activities for which FEMUSC has determined their presence. Participants with conflicting schedules or unable to participate in any class, should notify FEMUSC as soon as possible explaining the nature of the conflict, while also offering their suggestion of how the conflict can be circumvented. FEMUSC will analyze the request and decide if the conflict deserves any adjustment or exception, or if the absence of the participant will be a reason for canceling the registration and also his Certificate of Participation.
4.3 If the conflict is known before the registration fee is paid, FEMUSC recommends that the candidate cancel his / her registration, thus offering his / her place to a candidate currently on the waiting list. Participants who are absent from any FEMUSC activity due to a conflict that was known to them before their registration was confirmed with the payment of the registration fee will have their registration canceled immediately, without the right to refund the registration fee, they will not receive their Certificate of Participation, and will be immediately excluded from all classes, concerts and activities of FEMUSC.
4.4 In compliance with the criteria of frequency, performance and conduct, the participant will be entitled to the Certificate of Participation with details of the classes, teachers, projects and workload. The Certificate will be sent in electronic format (e-mail) to the participant.

5.1 The participant must attend all classes scheduled by FEMUSC, to be held in an online format
5.2 It is the responsibility of all active participants to obtain Internet access equipment with audio and video (computer, laptop, telephone, etc.) including a fast enough network for such participant to participate in the class.
5.3 Teachers may be excluded or added without prior notice, as well as, they may be allowed to temporarily leave their teaching activities, at the discretion of FEMUSC;
5.4 FEMUSC is not responsible for the consequences of any changes.

Omissions in this regulation will be resolved by the Board and the FEMUSC Organizing Committee.

FEMUSC 2021 –