The 16th Music Festival of Santa Catarina – FEMUSC 2021 – takes place from January 11th to the 31st 2021, exclusively in on-line format


1.1 To apply for FEMUSC 2021, the candidate must access the website, in the FEMUSC 2020 > APPLICATIONS menu, where the candidate will have all the guidelines on how to proceed to enroll, as well as the information necessary for the application, and the vacancies and programs available;

1.2 The candidate can have multiple applications;

1.3 FEMUSC 2020 registrations will begin on Nov 16th, 2020, at 12:00 p.m. (Brasília time) and will end on Dec 12th at 11:59pm. (Brasília time);

1.4 The disclosure of the LIST OF THE SELECTED will be announced  at, in a prominent place. FEMUSC will not communicate via e-mail the actual selection. It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to verify that his / her name is on the LIST OF SELECTED and proceed as instructed in item 2 below;

1.5 If there are any remaining vacancies for any instrument / program, FEMUSC will open new registrations from Dec 15h 2020 on.


Participants listed in the Selection List to register, must pay the enrollment fee, according to the payment options below:

* PAYPAL: R $ 225,00 (registration fee) + R $ 33,75 ( Paypal + administrative fee)
* Total value for payment via Paypal: R$ 258,75



a) If the name of the candidate is in the LIST OF CONFIRMED FOR REGISTRATION published on the official website of FEMUSC, on August 20, it must follow and observe the instructions and deadlines established to carry out the same. Selected candidates who do not register their enrollment and due payment until August 30th, will be automatically disqualified, giving the opportunity to the other candidate in the Waiting List;

b) All instructions for the ENROLLMENT procedure will be available from Dec 15th 2020, at FEMUSC official website;

c) The enrollments will be accepted upon agreement with all the terms of this Regulation, which will be available in the enrollment system itself when it becomes effective, valid as an adhesion contract;



Enrolment may be canceled by the participant, observing the following refund rule:

a) Cancellations made up to 7 (seven) days after the payment: 50% refund.

b) Cancellations made after that period: no refund

c) FEMUSC will return the tuition fees up to 10 business days after the end of the festival. The return will be done through the PayPal account used for payment.


5.1 Participants must be present in all online pedagogical and artistic activities for which FEMUSC has determined their presence. Participants with scheduling conflicts or unable to participate in any class, concert, or other activity should notify FEMUSC as soon as possible explaining the nature of the conflict, as well as their suggestion of how the conflict can be circumvented. FEMUSC will review the application and decide whether the conflict deserves any adjustment or exception, or whether the participant’s absence will be grounds for cancellation of registration and also his Certificate of Participation.

5.2 If the dispute is known before payment of the registration fee, FEMUSC recommends that the applicant cancel his / her registration, thus offering his / her place to a candidate currently on the waiting list. Participants who lack any activity of FEMUSC due to a conflict that was already known to them since before their enrollment was confirmed with the payment of the enrollment fee will have their enrollment immediately canceled, without right to reimbursement of the enrollment fee, will not receive their Certificate of Participation, and will be immediately excluded from all FEMUSC classes, concerts and activities.

5.3 In compliance with the criteria of attendance, performance and conduct, the participant will be entitled to the Certificate of Participation with details of classes, teachers, projects and workload. The Certificate will be sent in electronic format (e-mail) to the participant.



6.1 The participant must attend all master classes scheduled by FEMUSC;

6.2 It is the responsibility of all active participants to obtain internet access equipment with audio and video (computer, laptop, telephone, etc.) including a fast enough network for such participant to participate in the class.

6.3 It is the responsibility of active participants to obtain their own instruments, accessories and appropriate place for presentation via the internet. We also suggest preparing an acoustics and environment suitable for an online master class, without external sound conflicts (such as a busy street, or someone else playing a strong instrument in the adjacent room) and thus ensure the best representation of your work and greater absorption of the lessons provided .

6.4 The participant must study their parts, previously, and come prepared for all the master classes that rely on their presence and participation;

6.5 The participant must live with his colleagues and teachers in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual support;

6.6 Teachers may be excluded or added without prior notice, and may be allowed to temporarily withdraw from their teaching activities, at the discretion of FEMUSC;

6.7 FEMUSC is not responsible for the consequences of any changes.


7.1 The participation in FEMUSC implies the free transfer to the organization of the festival, all of its rights of voice, sound and image, that can be captured by FEMUSC or third parties in its name, to include them in any type of material support today or in the future, and FEMUSC may dispose of them, as well as extracts, extracts, or parts, giving it any use (non-remunerated), for example, to adapt it for the production of audiovisual works, for display through screen projection in public houses or in public places, with or without paid ticket, to transmit it via radio and / or television of any kind (open television or pay-TV, through all forms of signal transport, such as UHF, VHF, cable, MMDS and satellite), adapt it to any format, advertise advertisement, as well as fix it on any kind of material support such as movies (CD-ROM) CD-I (interactive compact disc), home video, DAT (digital audio tape), DVD (digital video disc) and computer graphics media in general, store it in a database , disseminate it through the Internet, via mobile phones, including for downloads, wap, sms to assign the copyrights on the work produced to third parties, for any kind of use (unpaid), to use extracts from them.

7.2 The participant hereby authorizes the use of his / her name, artistic presentations, images and voice, as well as giving free of charge the author’s patrimonial rights on the works sent, class, presentations, concerts, in all material produced during the event, allowing the use of these, without any limitation of time, exemplarily, but not limited to photos, posters, films, spots, in any medium used by the FEMUSC organization for its Marketing campaigns, including but not limited to (internet, Youtube, among others), with or without provider, including, assigning those rights to third parties.



8.1 Participant / enrolled students who during their FEMUSC 2020 registration have canceled their enrollment due to non-compliance with the rules established here will not be entitled to receive their Certificate of Participation;

8.2 The cases not covered by this regulation will be solved by the Direction and the Organizing Committee of FEMUSC.


FEMUSC 2021 –