String Quartet


What it is: The only String Quartet Program in Latin American music festivals, the FEMUSC String Quartet Program offers an intense curriculum specifically for young string quartets. Each quartet receives its own climatized study room for rehearsals and classes of up to 9 hours daily. Teachers, members of the Arianna String Quartet visit the rooms providing instruction and lead group activities among all young quartets. There is no participation in orchestras or other activities of other FEMUSC programs. The String Quartet Program is unique and separate from other musical activities in order to provide its participants with an atmosphere of full dedication to this chamber ensemble. Participating quartets will be involved in regular presentations, including full recitals. Each quartet must come to FEMUSC prepared to present four works: 1) a large quartet (Brahms, Dvorak, Bartók), 2) a smaller quartet (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven), 3) a piece written by a Latin American composer, be it born or still resident in a continental country from Mexico to the south, including Puerto Rico, and 4) a work that includes one or two additional musicians, like a quintet or sextet, being a clarinet, viola, cello, piano, guitar or other instrument. The FEMUSC String Quartet Program is held over a three-week period.

Dates: from January the 12th to February the 1st, 2020.

For: young quartets of strings already formed, with repertoire already presented in public and who have desire to deepen in the study of quartets aiming professionalization in this format, or to add this musical modality to their careers.

Requirements: Fill in the application form as a quartet, using the name of the quartet as the name identifier in the application, and providing biographical details of the quartet as well as the names of individual musicians. Once accepted in the Program, it is possible to change the musicians name without changing the name of the Quartet.

Activities: classes such as quartet and master instrumental classes with members of the Arianna String Quartet. Quartet performances and chamber music in formal and social concerts.

Costs for enrollment: here