String quartet

Qualities of the Program: the String Quartets Program offers its participants an intensive teaching of chamber music with a exclusive dedication to this task.

String Quartet do not regularly participate in orchestras or chamber music activities with other FEMUSC students (Quartets are invited to participate in FEMUSC’s general rehearsal and closing concert with the Mega Orchestra). String Quartet occasionally present themselves with FEMUSC teachers and members of the ProMusc Professional Program.

Each Quartet receives its own air-conditioned rehearsal room for rehearsals and classes with the Quartet of teachers, who visit the rooms regularly for instruction. For whom? the String Quartets Program was created with the intent the interests in the professionalization of young quartets, seeking an expansion in the music market of chamber music of high artistic level. The program is directed only to existing quartets. Circle: Instrumental Classes (2 to 3 hours a day), rehearsals and classes of quartets (6h daily), participation in concerts, and presentation of a recital.

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