The FEMUSC Intermediate Program favors young musicians who have high study and musical development ambition, but due to social or geographical reasons face difficulties in studying with the best teachers and enjoying other benefits, such as music schools, young orchestras or regular availability of concerts featuring professional musicians. The lack of such contact and experience often limits knowledge and prevents these young musicians from meeting the Advanced Program requirements, thus leaving them excluded and at a disadvantage. The Intermediate Program aims at bridging this gap, providing study opportunities that otherwise may not be available to these young musicians. Instrument classes take place with the same professors and participants of the Advanced Program and the curriculum of activities is more suitable to the development of its participants.

*Attention: if you are feeling insecure about whether to choose the Intermediate or the Advanced Program, it is recommended you apply to the Intermediate Program and inform on the application your wish to be also considered for the Advanced Program. In that case, if your application gets a score high enough, it may be automatically transferred to the Advanced Program.

Dates: from January the 19th to February the 1st, 2020.

Activities: instrument classes, symphonic band, Sinfonietta (only strings), Young Orchestra Adélia Fischer, chamber groups.

Requirements: 3 to 5 minutes recording with repertoire of free choice, demonstrating your instrumental and artistic skills. Complete application form.

Costs for enrollment: here