1.1 Registered participants and selected for perform the matriculation/admission must make a payment of the admission fee through the payment option below:

WITHOUT LODGING: VIA PAYPAL: R$ 650,00 (fou hundred twenty Brazilian Reals) as admission fee + as Paypal’s fees.

WITH LODGING: VIA PAYPAL: R$ 720,00 (four hundred eighty seven Brazilian Reals) as admission fee +  Lodging fee + Paypal’s fees.

The PAYPAL payment option above will be available in FEMUSC REGISTRATION SYSTEM only for candidates accepted for matriculation/admission. Just the payment of the admission fee until october 30th, 2018 ensures the vacancy and presence as a FEMUSC 2019 participant.

1.2 Cancellations and Reimbursement:

  1. Untill Nov 20th, 2018: 50% of the fees
  2. After Nov 20th 2018: no refund


1.3 Rules of Matriculation/Admission

a) Successful candidates who can not do their matriculation and payment until october 30th, 2018 will be disqualified automatically, providing an opportunity for another candidate on the waiting list;

b) All instructions for procedure the MATRICULATION will be available on the official site of FEMUSC;

c) Applications will only be considered for enrollment when the rules and regulations contained herein are fully accepted by the applicant, which will constitute a contract of participation.

d) Participants who have their enrollment canceled due to noncompliance with the rules herein will not be entitled to receive their Certificate of Participation, and will be immediately excluded from the FEMUSC accommodations and meal plan, being also unable to participate in classes, rehearsals, concerts or any official FEMUSC activity as a participant.

e) Enrollment for FEMUSC 2019 does not include transfers and direct transportation for students. The cost of transport to FEMUSC and return is the responsibility of each student. FEMUSC is responsible only for internal transport, path: CAMPUS-CLASSES-DORMITORIES-CONCERTS;

f) Participants found with or under the influence of substances prohibited by law shall be immediately expelled from FEMUSC and sent to the authorities. Foreign participants may be expelled from Brazil;

g) Cases not covered by these rules and regulations shall be settled by the Administration and the FEMUSC Organizing Committee.



2.1 Participants should travel to Jaragua do Sul/SC, under their own financial means, and be responsible for all costs and maintenance of their musical instruments used during the festival, without assistance for such from any of FEMUSCs management or organizers;

2.2 All participants must register in person, providing the same photo identification document whose number was given in his/her application form.

Participants who presented a different document, or who do not have the same document in hand as was used to submit their original application form may not be allowed to register and may not participate in FEMUSC.

2.3 Participants must register at the FEMUSC Office between 2:00pm on January 23th and 1:00pm on January 24th, 2019.

Participants who are not registered by 1:00pm on January 24th 2019 will have their registrations canceled, and the system will automatically offer their place to the next person on the waiting list in their course. There will be no return on the cancellation, nor will there be refund the Admission’s Fee.



3.1 Participants shall remain in Jaraguá do Sul until the end of all FEMUSC (Grand Closing Concert) on Feb 2th, 2019, expected to start around 8:00pm and closing around 10:00pm. Participants who are absent from FEMUSC activities without prior approval from management will have their FEMUSC registrations canceled, and will not be entitled to receive the Certificate of Participation nor a refund of their Admissions Fee.

3.2 Participants must attend all educational and artistic activities selected for them by the FEMUSC administration. Participants who have any scheduling conflicts or who are otherwise unable to participate in classes, concerts, or any other FEMUSC activity must inform the FEMUSC administration as quickly as possible explaining the nature of conflict as well as offering a possible solution to the problem. The FEMUSC administration will analyze the request and decide if the conflict deserves any adjustment or exception, or whether the absence of the participant is grounds for cancellation of his/her registration or whether this might prevent them from receiving their certificate of participation;

3.3 If the conflict is known before payment of the Admissions Fee, FEMUSC recommends that the candidate cancel his/her application, so the next candidate on the waiting list may take his/her place. Participants who miss any scheduled FEMUSC activity missing due to a conflict that was already known to them prior to their confirmation of enrollment through the payment of the Admissions Fee shall have their registration canceled immediately, without possibility of a refund of the Admissions Fee, will not receive their Certificate of Participation, and will be immediately excluded from all FEMUSC classes, concerts and activities;

3.4 When all the attendance, performance and conduct criteria are met, the participant will be entitled to the Certificate of Participation containing details of classes, teachers, projects and workload. The Certificate will be send by e-mail (pdf) by 15 days after the festival.



4.1 Participants under 18 years of age or who will complete their 18th birthday after January 24th, 2019 must send by email attachment a signed and notarized authorization by a parent or guardian, granting the participant permission to enroll and participate in FEMUSC 2019 and all its activities;

This authorization must be sent at the same time as the payment of the Enrollment/Admissions Fee. The non-compliance with this request for a parent or guardian authorization during the period allowed for payment of the Admissions Fee will terminate the application of the minor participant, with the place offered to the next person on the waiting list;

Important: the original authorization must be handed by the participant to the FEMUSC Office along with all other needed documentation when registering in person between January 23th and 24th, 2019. Underage participants who do not present this original authorization at the time of the in-person registration may not be allowed to register at FEMUSC, and will have their registration canceled.


5.1 The participant must be at all rehearsals and concerts of orchestral and chamber music, as well as the instrument classes and master classes scheduled by FEMUSC at the main auditoriums located at the SCAR Cultural Center or at alternative locations to be defined by the administration;

5.2 The participant will study their individual parts beforehand and come fully prepared to all rehearsals, concerts, classes that require their presence and participation;

5.3 The participant must work with colleagues and teachers in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual support;

5.4 The Concert Programming is the sole responsibility of FEMUSC and may be changed without notice;

5.5 Teachers may be excluded or added without notice, and may be authorized to temporarily leave their educational activities, at the discretion of FEMUSC;

5.6 FEMUSC is not responsible for the consequences resulting from any last minute change.



6.1 No participant may invite persons who are not related to FEMUSC to participate in classrooms, chamber music coachings, concerts, meals, or sleep in dormitories without proper authorization from the FEMUSC administration.

The purchase of a ticket to attend a concert constitutes an authorization from FEMUSC for a person to participate in the specific event for which the ticket was purchased;

6.2 The premises of the SCAR and other learning spaces on the FEMUSC campus are available only for participants, teachers and the FEMUSC administration.

No participant may bring to these spaces a guest who is not involved in a FEMUSC activity;

6.3 Participants who do not respect these rules and other common sense rules relating to good behavior and cooperation among all members of the FEMUSC family may be expelled at the discretion of FEMUSC;

6.4 The spaces selected for the classrooms should be respected for that purpose. Participants will not be allowed access to administrative areas, and will not be allowed to use the premises for sleeping or resting.


7.1 Participation in FEMUSC freely grants the festival organization all rights to voice, sound and image captured by FEMUSC or third parties for their inclusion in any material in the present or future, freely using the media available, in any way, as an example, to edit it for the production of audiovisual material, video projection in nursing homes or in public spaces, with or without sale of admission tickets; broadcasting via radio/TV of any type (broadcast or cable television, through all existing modes of broadcasting signals, such as UHF, VHF, cable, MMDS and satellite), adapted in any form, including advertisement, and frame it in any kind of support material such as films of any kind, CD, CD-I (interactive compact disk) CD ROM, home video, DAT (digital audio tape), DVD (digital video disc) and general computer graphics models, stored in a database, distributed via the Internet, via phone, even for downloads, wap, sms, assign the copyright on the work produced to third parties for any use, or use pieces or extracts thereof;


7.2 The participant authorizes the use of his/her name, artistic presentations, images and voice, giving freely all economic rights and copyright of the works sent, allowing use thereof, without any time limitation, as an example, photographs, posters, films, commercials, in any medium of communication used by the FEMUSC organization for their marketing and fundraising campaigns, including but not limited to, television media, newspapers, magazines, outdoors and/or digital transmission media, including the possibility of assigning these rights to others.


8.1 Participants staying in the FEMUSC dormitories must observe the following rules:

a) Dormitories will be available from 2:00pm on January 23th, 2019, and will close at noon on Feb 3th, 2019 at noon. Participants who do not remove their belongings by this time may lose possession of them;

b) Participants must bring their own bedding and bath needs, including bed sheets and towels. Guests not using bed sheets will be excluded from dormitories;

c) Silence in the dormitories shall be observed from 10:00pm to 7:00am, during which period the lights will be off. Instrument practicing is allowed in the dormitories outside of these quiet hours.

d) Entry into the dormitories will only be permitted until 1:00am, when the doors will be closed and entry will be denied, regardless of the presence or absence of a security guard or guardian at the entrance of the dormitories;

e) Participants who are minors and are not present in their bedroom by 11:00pm will be expelled from the dormitories and from FEMUSC.

f) Participants must maintain common standards of personal hygiene and reasonable personal tidiness;

g) Participants must respect the belongings of his colleagues, and avoid any contact with them. Guests who do not respect the property of their colleagues may be excluded from the dormitories, and expelled from FEMUSC;

h) Participants must respect and actively promote a healthy living atmosphere among all the participants who are staying in the dormitories;

i) Male participants shall not enter the women’s dormitories, and vice-versa. Participants who do not respect this rule will be immediately expelled from FEMUSC. Participants who invite or lead a person of the opposite sex into the dormitories, or who are found with him/her in the opposite housing dormitories will be expelled from FEMUSC;

j) No guests may bring or invite to the FEMUSC dormitories a person who is not staying in the dormitories, even in the case of a same sex colleague or who is a participant in FEMUSC and is housed at area hotels;

k) Animals of any kind are prohibited in the dormitories.

l) Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden in the dormitories, under penalty of expulsion from FEMUSC;

m) Participants who are visibly intoxicated or appear to be under the influence of mood-altering substances will not be allowed entrance in the accommodations. If anyone is found in this state within the dormitories, he/she will be removed from them, as well as FEMUSC;

n) Guests who disrespect these rules and/or other common sense rules relating to good behavior and cooperation between all the guests of the dormitories may be expelled from them, and possibly also from FEMUSC;

o) Participants must carry with them at all times their documents and other valuable objects. FEMUSC is not responsible for any damage, loss and/or theft which may occur inside the dormitories;

p) Participants who complete 18 years of age after January 24, 2019, and decide to stay in the FEMUSC dormitories during the event will be housed in special accommodations/rooms for persons under age, separated from their older counterparts. Underage participants will not have access to the dormitories/rooms of older participants, under penalty of immediate cancellation of their FEMUSC registration. Underage participants cannot receive visits from anyone in the dormitories, except for family members and those responsible for the dormitories;

q) Dormitories guests are obligated to use appropriate behavior, treating other participants, officials and staff with respect, civility, making appropriate use of the lodging facilities, maintaining and preserving  the integrity of the infrastructure.

r) Failure to comply with these obligations results in a breach of contract resulting in immediate expulsion from FEMUSC 2019, with the possibility that FEMUSC may request the participant removal from the dormitories;

Similarly, assuming that non-fulfillment of such obligations will generate physical damage to FEMUSC or the dormitories, the participant shall be required to compensate the injured parties in accordance with Article 186 of the Brazilian Civil Code;

The FEMUSC INSTITUTE also reserves the right to not accept the participation and applications of such offenders in future editions;

s) Dormitory residents are not permitted to transit between rooms and locker rooms inappropriately clothed, wrapped in towels, in underwear or bathing suits, or in pajamas that might generate discomfort to dormitory staff and/or other residents, under penalty of exclusion from FEMUSC.

t) Minors who will use Femusc lodging services, should send authorization signed by the responsible so that they can be accommodated, which shall include the rules of use and, above all, time and penalties;

u) The FEMUSC INSTITUTE reserves the right to control through call, the presence of minor students in their respective lodging, controlling the time limit as well as note and report any student who violates the rules of accommodation, resulting in possible penalties.

  1. FOOD

9.1 – Participants of FEMUSC 2019 will be entitled to breakfast, lunch and evening snack, as follows:

a) FEMUSC’s Restaurant will open exclusively for FEMUSC service to students, teachers and organization people on January 23th, 2018, at noon (dinner) and will close on Feb 2th, 2019 (dinner);

b) Access to food will be released only on presentation of name tag FEMUSC participant, being forbidden to persons not accredited;

c) Avoid food waste.