Orchestral conductors are community leaders with influences that go beyond orchestras and reach out to communities and regions. It is imperative that their training be done within artistic standards that visualize this future influence. At FEMUSC, the Orchestral Conducting Program is the most competitive course of the festival, with the highest number of entries per seat. The 5 accepted young conductors will find an intense program with daily conducting technique classes accompanied by guided visits to master classes of great artists present at FEMUSC. In the afternoon there is a follow-up to the rehearsals of the FEMUSC Symphony Orchestra, followed by the practical work in front of a full symphonic orchestra, and finally individual work in front of smaller groups, all aimed at presentations to the public. The course is led by one of the most brilliant and experienced conductor, with specific emphasis on young orchestras, Prof. Gregory Carreño, leader of the chair of the orchestral program “El Sistema” in Venezuela, conductor at the Simon Bolivar Orchestra, who worked side by side with the eminent José Antonio Abreu from the beginning of that exemplary program.

Dates: from January the 19th to February the 1st, 2020.

Requirements: Fill out the application form and send a recording in front of an orchestra or smaller group, demonstrating technical and interpreting skills.

Costs for enrollment: here