What it is: The FEMUSC Advanced Program is intended for pre-professional or already professionalized musicians, or students in their final stage of preparation for a career as a professional musician. The curriculum is intense, and the expectations are anticipated preparation and high standards of an international conservatory of music.

Dates: from January the 19th to February the 1st, 2020.

For: musicians with extensive technical, instrumental and artistic profiency. The Advanced Program is available to classical saxophone, piano and orchestral instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, harp and percussion.

Activities: instrumental classes every morning, rehearsals, symphony orchestra and/or opera, chamber music, special projects*.

*FEMUSC Special Projects were created to deepen knowledge in a specific area of ​​musical development of the participants. Participants accepted in the festival will be able to choose in their application form which projects they would like to be a part of. Attention: participation in Special Projects depends on their own selection process and it is not possible to guarantee the presence in the selected projects on the application. Among the Special Projects are the Serious Project, the Orchestra without Conductor and the Big Band. For more information on special projects, click here.

Requirements: Recording is the most important element of an Advanced Program candidate’s application. The recording does not need to be longer than 5 minutes, and must contain repertoire of the choice of each candidate, being possible to present original works or arrangements. There is no restriction on the quality of equipment used to record, however it is recommended that candidates use equipment that properly identifies their best instrumental, technical and artistic performance. Recordings should be uploaded to the internet on a system with easy access to videos (YouTube, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, etc.). The link shall then be added to your application. Candidates should also include email from a referral such as a teacher, school principal, orchestral conductor, or another person who has knowledge of the candidate’s performance.

Costs for enrollment: here