Registration from 15 November to 15 December 2017 or until all the vacancies are filled. – CLICK HERE

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More information:

FEMUSCKINHO is a musical vacation colony for children between 6 and 12 years whose activies include recreation, flute workshops, choral singing, musicalization and stringed instruments. In order to arouse interest in the universe of music, FEMUSCKINHO is open to all children, including those with no musical experience or knowledge. As part of the recreation activities, Lots of fun games supervised by a team of skilled teachers. After two intense weeks, the activies end with a Concert at the SCAR Grand Theater.

Choral singing:

Auro Moura – Canada/Brasil Andréa Iargas – Jaraguá do Sul/SC

Jaime Amorim (Collaborative pianist) – Jaraguá do Sul/SC


Liara Roseli Krobot – Jaraguá do Sul/SC Mercedes Neuseli Doege – Jaraguá do Sul/SC


Taianara Goedert – Balneário Camboriú/Canadá Bruni HÜbner Schwartz – Jaraguá do Sul/SC

String Instruments:

Natanel Fonseca – Londrina/PR Jorge Silva – Londrina/PR Patricia Perizzolo – Blumenau/SC Adriane Mara Fischer – Jaraguá do Sul Kamila Klein – Jaraguá do Sul

Body percussion/rhythmic:

Sebastião Ricardo Borba – Jaraguá do Sul/SC


Liara Roseli Krobot – Jaraguá do Sul/SC

Keroll Weidner – Cuiabá/MT

Check out the schedule complete here.

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