Lyric Song Program

Qualities of the Program: The Singing Lyric Song Program was created in order to offer an intense voice teaching as an integrated participant in various musical activities, such as opera, lied, chamber music, choral e madrigals. Incentive is given in areas that demonstrate multi-instrumental cooperation, aiming to achieve musical goals common to all participants.

For whom? The Singing Lyric Song Program was created with the intent the interests of singers who consider following music as a profession, who already have an excellent vocal performance, and who seek knowledge and refinement in the final phase of their preparation to enter into professional activities or in search of (1 hour a day), Madrigals and Cantatas (1 hour a day), chamber music (up to 2 hours a day), and participation in concerts.

Admission procedure: Candidates must complete through the website between August 10 and September 10, including personal and professional information, a short essay on their objectives to be achieved in the Program, and include a recording link already posted on the internet (YouTube, Yahoo Video, Vimeo or other common website) containing at least 3 minutes of repertoire chosen by the candidate.

The material included in the Entry Form will be evaluated by the FEMUSC Artistic Commission, including administrators and teachers, and the outcome of the deliberations will be available on the FEMUSC website as of September 15. Candidates selected to participate in the event will have until September 25 to fill in their registration data and pay the registration fee. Candidates not selected on the first call may still be called on subsequent calls. Entries for the 40 places of the Lyric Program will remain open until they are fully filled.

Check out complete schedule here.