Boot Camp


FEMUSC 2021 is proud to bring to its participants the “Violin / Viola Boot Camp”, designed and led by tfaculty member Charles and Rachel Stegeman. For many years the Stegemans have been developing this incredible project in the United States, working intensively with the basic technique of their students, with scales, arpeggios and an emphasis on tuning, fingering, posture and bowings. This efficient teaching method is appreciated and used by advanced students as well as professionals.This event will be presented in master classes for three consecutive days during the festival and will be divided into two parts. All participants enrolled in the Boot Camp – including auditors – will receive specific material for practicing prior to the event, and during the master classes they will be able to work on this material together with the teachers. In the first part of each master class, participants will work on this material in groups. Participants who are listeners will be silenced but will be able to hear the master class being taught to active participants (those who will be in auditory contact with the teachers) and will be able to play the scales together for their use. The second part of each master class will be dedicated to personal monitoring of each active participant, with the two teachers visiting them briefly and regularly to give this special attention. It is important to note that auditing participants, even if they do not receive this individual attention and will be muted within the online class, auditors will be able to participate by playing the scales and material provided by the teachers and thus experimenting and adopting the information offered by them. During the last 15 years of FEMUSC, basic technique has been pointed out by teachers as the main impediment in the development of participants, who often present expressive works that are difficult to execute but lack proper detail in tuning, relaxation and other common problems for violinists and violists. the Violin / Viola Boot Camp by Charles and Rachel Stegeman offers an opportunity to review these concepts and strengthen the basic technique of the participants. As the name “Boot Camp” indicates, this training is fast, intense and effective


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